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I analyzed to sell at handmade events

Today, I participated in the Creators Market held at Aichi Sky Expo next to Centrair. It was the first Centrair but it was a pleasant place with a sense of freedom. It feels good to go play when there is no plan.

Now I'm writing a blog that I've returned home and couldn't update in the morning. One more word, you have to work harder. I thought that kind of thing.

Although our children's illustrations are important for pet-related events, the supply is perfect. I felt that punching was a bit weak when it was a pure-making event that didn't involve pets, or even a straight punch at a pet venue.

Until now, as an analysis, original illustrations were sold in addition to our child illustrations, but this time only our child illustrations were sold. As a result, there is very little to buy from customers other than those who have pets.

This is also a technical story, but if the customer you choose is in front of the store, other customers will stop and watch. You can see this even if you look at the customer ’s eyes as they go in front of the store. You have to think about how to make that stop.

I think that the movie series I had before was just the right product. The stoppage rate was overwhelmingly high because the amount was thought out. However, because it has already stopped selling. I have to think about the following.

I can't usually do it because the flow stopped in the afternoon and I couldn't usually do it, but today I looked around the booth while I was studying. Differences in value are born at the same time as perceived as opportunities.

What I noticed while walking was the problem of disparity in crowds. It is not exhausted where it is not (I am also hungry).

It's strange when you look at it with very weak analytical skills, but the level of products where there are no people is also high. I didn't feel the difference in the level of the product itself.

(1) Where there was a difference, the crowd group had many smiles from the exhibitors. It's natural that the difference is natural because you can't laugh without people, but it remains quite impressive.

(2) There were a lot of people who were able to choose from. There are a lot of postcards and Hanko shops, so it's easy to get crowded. This is the same as me until the last time.

③ I think that the caricatures on the spot were crowded everywhere. There may be a memorabilia element in the manufacturing event, which may be strong, but this is not suitable for me who are late to writing. But I don't feel like trying again.

Considering these three points with the elimination method, it is ②. I don't like the large number of products, and now it's the simple style, so it doesn't make sense to increase it here.

Then it is ① and ③. A smiling caricature? There is so much

All you need is a chair tripod and a set of pictures. It would be interesting if you draw a nice picture with magic. Nagaba-san is that completely original, so I might try it if I can draw my original with magic.

I finished writing the text and now I have almost finished writing. Good night today. It ’s a bit of a rough sentence.


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