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This blog is the original content collection of the painter jon covet. I would like to send you a 4-frame comic “MON MON MONSTER” that is being updated every day. We are also doing various social networking services, so we are looking forward to following you.


I started a YouTube channel.


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One after another

I will participate in the Creators Market held at Aichi Sky Expo this Sunday. On the 8th Sunday of the following week, he will participate for the first time in Wanda Rake, Japan's largest dog event held at Port Messe Nagoya.

I was recommended by a senior exhibitor when I participated in another previous event, so when I applied for this time, I was able to open a store, and it was the Christmas season. We will prepare original illustrations, so please get them.

This photo was taken by a university student without realizing that he was thinking while looking at the sea at the camp event he participated in before. Speak to me and send me an image. I forgot to exchange my business cards and forgot my name, but I used it on YouTube. Thanks.

I hope to rent a house with such a tree in the future and draw an illustration under it to live. Write a picture or write a sentence. A sofa is nice, but if I put it outside, it will get wet in the rain, so I would like to buy a chair that can be reclined for camping and do my production activities.

This may be because overtime continues during the busy season. Still, I write as it is today.
I really like this work of daily accumulation.

Today is short because I want to use the morning time to prepare for the event.
Sorry for this.

jon covet


Life is a dream dream.
Wake up people who are awake. There is an obscure person

The eternal main content of this blog. Serialization started on October 31, 2016. It is a four-frame comic that is being updated every day. Please see some of the monsters unfolding in this world and the nearby town of Springwell.
The goal is a serial record of a four-frame cartoon "Peanuts" featuring Snoopy. Currently sending out to the world using Instagram.