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This blog is the original content collection of the painter jon covet. I would like to send you a 4-frame comic “MON MON MONSTER” that is being updated every day. We are also doing various social networking services, so we are looking forward to following you.


I started a YouTube channel.


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Expose what I thought would be YouTube

I started blogging in the morning of Japan time and the morning of America. I don't know how long it will last, but I'll do it until I get tired. While saying that, this essay with a similar stance continues quite a bit. Another thing I started doing is YouTube.

I looked at the videos of other people and thought about what to do.

My favorite video is not an entertainment system but a documentary daily life, a camping system, a night in the car, cooking, etc. It ’s a lifestyle that makes you feel like you ’re doing something.

I think if I like that everyday system. There are things you can't do. One of the concepts is that you don't want to do what you can't do. This is just a hobby. What I want to cherish is my feeling that I want to do YouTube. I want to do only what I think is fun because I will stop it if it starts to load.

I didn't know what to make, but I was able to make a series-like video for the time being. "My child illustration video".

I wanted to make it a simple composition that could be said to be short and classic, and I wanted to make it a series that would be broadcast at a fixed time, such as from “Today's Wanko” and “World Train Window”. The dogs made this illustration with an emphasis on speed. The title is “making pet character illustration”. The logo is also used in Japanese. The target audience is people who love animals around the world.

I will raise my child illustration video at 23:00. Since it is still a video of pictures drawn in the past, it can be made every day, but if it catches up, it will be an irregular update. What did you do?

jon covet


The sky I saw suddenly overflowed with fishing lines.

Someone was eating today

The person who caught it will eat you.

The eternal main content of this blog. Serialization started on October 31, 2016. It is a four-frame comic that is being updated every day. Please see some of the monsters unfolding in this world and the nearby town of Springwell.
The goal is a serial record of a four-frame cartoon "Peanuts" featuring Snoopy. Currently sending out to the world using Instagram.