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This blog is the original content collection of the painter jon covet. I would like to send you a 4-frame comic “MON MON MONSTER” that is being updated every day. We are also doing various social networking services, so we are looking forward to following you.


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Wandering is over

Today we headed from the morning. I thought it was a park near the Port Messe Nagoya where the Creators Market will be held. If I didn't look into the park near the Nagoya Port Aquarium, I was almost mistaken and I was late. Dangerous and dangerous.

Speaking of mistakes, last year I was in the wrong place to get to the park where no one was alone in the morning and leaned my head. It was 45 minutes from here when the time when we arrived at this park was the meeting time. I was about to cry, but I still remember the beauty of the scenery I saw at that time.

I could have seen such a view today, but I was glad to confirm it from the previous lesson.

I have taken some video of the event report, so I would like to edit it later and publish it on YouTube.

It's strangely fun to change the car to a normal car and then ride at high speed. If you leave it to car navigation, you can go anywhere. I want to travel a little.


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I don't know if the speed of prayer exceeds the speed of light.

The eternal main content of this blog. Serialization started on October 31, 2016. It is a four-frame comic that is being updated every day. Please see some of the monsters unfolding in this world and the nearby town of Springwell.
The goal is a serial record of a four-frame cartoon "Peanuts" featuring Snoopy. Currently sending out to the world using Instagram.