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This blog is the original content collection of the painter jon covet. I would like to send you a 4-frame comic “MON MON MONSTER” that is being updated every day. We are also doing various social networking services, so we are looking forward to following you.


I started a YouTube channel.



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The sick thinking circuit is unstable

After a long absence, I caught a cold and left the company early.

Although it was high fever, there was appetite and I could just sleep and sleep until morning.

Thanks to that, I'm still not happy, but yesterday's hotness is light like a lie.

The best enemy to continue was a cold and I couldn't draw a manga yesterday.

Since the update itself was done in the morning, there was no problem, but if this was still before the update, I was surprised to think that I had to do the update work in this bad condition.

The stock problem is serious. Both the English update and YouTube are not going as fast as I originally thought.

YouTube also has one more subscriber, up to 20 subscribers. The goal for the foreseeable future is 100, so I'm happy if I can achieve it within the year.

Let's make a style while thinking about what to do for that.

The style is important, and if you can grasp it, I feel like it will be anything.

The text doesn't advance today because I'm sick.

I don't want to write emotionally sentimental sentences.

All I need is passion.

A style of passion. It's fine, is not it.


jon covet




yesterday's continuation

You see only one value that happens to be connected from a wasteful mountain.

Can't you see the waste of rolling?

I don't want to see it differently.

I'm arrogant that there's nothing in vain.

The eternal main content of this blog. Serialization started on October 31, 2016. It is a four-frame comic that is being updated every day. Please see some of the monsters unfolding in this world and the nearby town of Springwell.
The goal is a serial record of a four-frame cartoon "Peanuts" featuring Snoopy. Currently sending out to the world using Instagram.